Nokero stands for "No Kerosene". Our solar lights replace kerosene lamps and candles. Nokero lights charge by day and bring light by night.


With products distributed in over 120 countries,
Nokero is a catalyst for economic and community growth.

EDUCATIONNokero solar lights increase study time by nearly 50%
IMPACTHundreds of thousands of hours of increased study time for children globally.
INCOMEOpportunities to increase income are created through the ability to work into the night.
IMPACTAdditional annual income of $383 million for low-wage workers globally.
PRODUCTIVITYNokero's products add three or more hours of increased income productivity per day.
IMPACTMore than 1 billion hours of added productivity around the world annually.
SAVINGSThe cost of a N233 is equivalent to the monthly fuel expenses for a family of four.
IMPACTMillions of dollars in annual global savings.
HEALTHJust one solar light eliminates the harmful exposure to kerosene particulates for families.
IMPACTMillions are spared the effect of inhaling indoor air pollution caused by kersosene.
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