How do I return an item?

Nokero is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality solar products, and our warranty system reflects this standard. Nokero warrants products to be free of defect in workmanship and material for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment. However, due to the wide variety of charging conditions which can affect how our solar products perform, please refer to the below checklist before submitting a warranty claim.

1) If your product has a battery, unscrew the globe and make sure the battery is properly inserted.

2) If your light is not staying lit for as long as you would like, place it in direct sunlight for a full 2 days (we define a full day of sunlight as 6-8 hours). Make sure to place your product in an area that receives direct sunlight all day, and that does not become shady. Make sure that the panel is angled towards the sun at all times.

3) Once the unit has been charged for two days, be sure to use the light in a dark place. There is an auto sensor in the solar panel and if it detects any light, the LEDs will not illuminate.

4) If your light does not turn on after charging in the sun for two full days, replace the Nokero AA battery with a regular alkaline battery to determine if there is a problem with the battery.

If your product does not work properly after you complete these four steps, please refer to the warranty details below to make sure you are eligible.

-Nokero will repair or replace products, provided you notify Nokero of the defect within the warranty period of 12 months.

-Nokero is not responsible for any defect or damage caused by improper use of the product or damage to the product caused by the user.

-No claim will be accepted from a third party, and you must show proof of purchase to be eligible for product replacement.

Please send all warranty requests to before sending your product to our address. Please include a brief explanation of the problem and a copy of your sales receipt. If the product is covered under our warranty and has been cleared by our customer care team, we will issue you an RMA number and you can send your product to our address. Please clearly mark the outside of your package with your RMA number. Once your product has been received, we will send you a replacement.

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